Aluguer e Compra de Pianos

Na Lusomusic, oferecemos aluguer de salas e pianos da marca Feurich. 

Além disso, temos uma loja online onde poderás comprar pianos Feurich diretamente connosco. 

Aproveita a flexibilidade de alugar ou adquirir um piano Feurich. Oferecemos um serviço de aluguer com opção de compra para pianos. 

No caso de um aluguer de 6 meses, o valor mensal é de 1% do total do piano, além dos custos de transporte no primeiro mês, que são realizados por uma empresa especializada. 

Para aluguer de 12 meses, o valor mensal é de 2% do total do piano, também incluindo os custos de transporte no primeiro mês. 

Após o período de aluguer de 6 ou 12 meses, tens três opções disponíveis: comprar o piano, onde o valor pago em aluguer será descontado do preço total; continuar o aluguer pagando 2% do valor total do piano mensalmente; ou devolver o piano, arcando com os custos de transporte e afinação.

Vê todas as opções de Pianos Verticais e Pianos de Cauda mais abaixo.

Pianos Verticais

115 – Premiere

Piano clássico
a partir de 4590€

The Model 115 – Premiere has been through a rigorous process of improvement and redevelopment to result in the quality instrument we have today. The Model 115 – Premiere is available in black or white, with brass or chrome interior fittings.


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122 – Universal

Piano clássico
A partir de 5590€

The FEURICH 122 – Universal is the most successful in the FEURICH range of pianos. Its popularity is owed to its robust and durable construction, coupled with an exceptional depth of sound for an instrument of this size.


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125 – Design

Piano clássico

This beautifully designed upright piano is a bigger and more technically elaborate version of the best-selling FEURICH 122. The piano’s sound is enhanced by the introduction of more detailed CNC milling and the introduction of duplex scaling. The attention to detail in the case design makes this elegant piano look good in any setting. Detalhes 

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133 – Concert

Piano clássico
7900 €

Our largest upright, the FEURICH 133 – Concert, delivers exceptional bass response and a large sound to rival many small grand pianos. Sophisticated CNC milling techniques on the iron frame result in a purity of tone in the bass not found on other uprights. The use of special rust-free strings, as well as various other technical innovations set this instrument apart from the competition.Detalhes 

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123 – Vienna

Piano "Made in Vienna"

The latest FEURICH innovation is the upright Model 123 – Vienna. A totally new and unique approach to piano design can be seen in key features such as the action, the casing, and the pedal system. Detalhes 

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Pianos de Cauda

162 - Dynamic I

Piano clássico
a partir de 12.600€

The Mod. 162 – Dynamic I is one of the few examples available today of a small and solidly built grand piano that can deliver a quality and complete bass tonal range. The introduction of stainless Paulello string wire is an innovation that also improves the tone and longevity of the piano.  An instrument of exceptional dynamic range and clarity for its size, the 162 – Dynamic I is perfect for the accompanist or repetiteur, and is also perfectly suited to small homes or apartments.


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179 – Dynamic II

Piano clássico
a partir de 15.200€

The model 179 is a powerful, well-balanced grand piano, with a characteristic warm and generous FEURICH tone. The piano has an extended soundboard surface area, which helps create that big sound and present bass. Rust-free strings improve the tone and increase the longevity of the instrument, and the redesigned frame make this instrument even superior to its predecessor, the Model 178, winner of the prestigious Diapason award for the best piano under 30,000 Euro.Detalhes

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218 – Concert I

Piano clássico
a partir de 25.100€

The first model in the new and innovative FEURICH concert piano series is an exclusive design by esteemed piano designer Stephen Paulello. The unique construction of this semi concert grand piano sets completely new quality and sound standards. The highest quality components and woods are used in the construction process––hammer heads by Renner of Stuttgart, AA rated quality felts from Wurzen and a first class soundboard. 


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Aluguer & Compra de Pianos

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